Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion, Super Human SUPREME, Pre-Workout, 13.26 oz (375.9g)


FlavourServingsPrice/Unit (INR)QuantityAction
Patriotic Pineapple21INR 4299.00
INR 4999.00
Currently Unavailable
Lincoln's Limeade21INR 4299.00
INR 4999.00
Currently Unavailable


  • So what makes SUPERHUMAN SUPREME the stim junkie's wet dream?
  • We've taken our best-selling SuperHuman Pre-Workout and somehow packed in an even more INTENSE formula with the following improvements:
  • 375 mg of premium dual-sourced caffeine
  • 200 mg of DMHA––arguably the strongest legal stimulant on the market
  • 200 mg of Eria Jarensis (DMPEA) to boost your euphoric Supreme gains
  • Add these to the already incredible SuperHuman ingredients present and you have an unparalleled MAX DOSED pre-workout experience:
  • 3500 mg of Beta-Alanine
  • 7000 mg of L-Citrulline Malate
  • 1000 mg of L-Taurine
  • 350 mg of L-Theanine
  • And much more!
  • The synergistic effect of all these produces never-before-felt strength, energy, focus, and pump without the nasty crash found in competitors' products!
  • You WILL NOT find this formula anywhere else on the planet. And that's why SUPREME hits harder than Tyson in his prime (but your ears will be fine, don't worry).
  • With every massive scoop loaded with nearly 18 grams of premium ingredients, there's a reason why one customer said Supreme "felt like a jolt of electricity ran through my spine when it hit!!"
  • And we felt it was extremely un-American to deprive you of your freedom, so we brought back Supreme in our two best-selling Freedom Juice flavors:
  • PATRIOTIC PINEAPPLE: a delicious pineapple dole whip flavor ready to make you feel more powerful than the f****** president! (but with way more gains!)
  • LINCOLN'S LIMEADE: a sweet limeade slushie flavor that Honest Abe himself once said was "the best damn tasting pre-workout I've ever had!"
  • CAUTION: SUPERHUMAN SUPREME is no joke. We warned you!



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